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"We’ve worked with Wilson Financial three times now, and each time has been an absolute pleasure. Eric is super helpful, patient with questions, and works really hard to explain - in layman’s terms - what really is a fairly complicated process. We’ll continue to work with Eric into the future - can’t recommend him highly enough." 



"Eric was of great assistance through 3 refinances. He was persistent in a difficult situation and saw the loan through to success!" 



"I've had the pleasure of working with Eric on several occasions. He is knowledgeable about special situations and is always willing to explain each step, complex or not. He has saved us time, money, and stress with each transaction. Eric follows through on his commitments and has yet to let us down. I cannot recommend a broker more highly!



"My wife and I recently needed to refinance our home in WA. We were not happy with our original broker and took on Eric as a referral. Our experience with Eric Wilson from Wilson Financial Group was by far the best we have ever had when buying, or refinancing homes. Eric was above all, honest, diligent and very well prepared. He did all the heavy lifting and kept us updated at every point. Eric even set up the signing so we did not have to take off work or even leave our home. He had someone come to our house when it was convenient for us to finalize all the paperwork. Eric even called during the next tax season to remind us we were eligible for deductions that we did not know about. Eric has continued to be responsive to any questions I have and has replied to my emails within a day or less. We have referred Eric to several friends and will continue to do so in the future.



"Eric explains the whole loan process from origination to escrow in full detail,

a true professional!



"My husband and I have worked with Eric and his team at Wilson Financial Group several times and have been very happy with his services. He provides excellent advice and has good followup. I would recommend Wilson Financial Group!



"Our experience with Wilson Financial has been nothing less than fantastic. Eric worked with us every step of the way for our mortgage needs, highly recommend!



"Eric is always willing to go above and behind to help me get the perfect loan. Nights, weekends it doesn’t matter. If you need him he is always there and quick to respond.



"Wilson financial has been wonderful to work with. Eric and his team were able facilitate a better home loan for my family and I. When it was time to purchase a second home I went to Wilson Financial. They again worked with diligently with us and clearly communicated with us through the entire process. I truly believe Eric and his team have their clients best interest at stake and I know who I am going to call when the time comes to purchase more property. Thank you for all you do Eric.



"I have been doing business with Eric for 6 years and to date, we have conducted more than 10 business transactions. Eric has saved me money, lived up to his word, and has been more than a mortgage broker to me. I’ve covered my families financial plan with Eric and this guy knows his stuff and uderstands the full scope of all things financial. Some people get sold by the marketing of a particular financial institution who will eventually sell their loan anyway. If you want someone who is more of a financial planner, who will take your call direct, and get you the best rates with no hidden cost, then hire Eric Wilson. I’ve referred him to friends and family and I will continue to do business with him.



"Working with Eric and his team was quite a pleasurable experience. It’s nice to work with people who understand your needs and are willing to take the time to explain things that you haven’t much experience with. I’ve worked with Eric on two different transactions and look forward to working with him in the future!



"Eric made what normally is a stressful process smooth and easy.



"Wilson Financial was quite simply, a blessing. After relocating to Seattle from rural CO and experiencing sticker shock of epic proportions, we grew very apprehensive about ever being able to purchase a home here. Further, my compensation & purchase dynamics were incredibly unique and I knew we'd be a handful. After my first phone call with Eric, I felt WAY better, for reasons that weren't entirely expected. Eric wasted no time getting down to brass tacks, asking the right questions- Some of which being VERY difficult to answer. He was professional, well educated and well versed in not only seeing around corners that we'd have to turn, but also setting me up for financial success 1, 3, 5, 10+ years down the road. I got off of the phone with somewhat mixed emotions, however it didn't take long for me to realize, "I must have this guy work my loan". He wasn't there to sell a mortgage, and close it. He wasn't telling me what I 'wanted' to hear. He was there for the long haul, and wanted me to think about the future as we made this financial commitment. He was teaching me right from the first 30 seconds I spoke to him. He knew exactly what challenges we'd face and he let me know exactly what they would look like, how he'd help and what he'd need from me. Through the process of the loan approval prior to closing, we did face many challenges- a few of which were unforeseen (as most mortgages usually are, but mine was so incredibly unique, I doubted all along it would go the distance). Eric, in a word; was relentless. He searched, and searched, and pushed and pulled for options and solutions at every turn. All along, making me feel good about it, making me feel taken care of and represented well.... still educating me as we went along. Whenever I was faced with a choice on something, he was diligent in ensuring I was well informed of the implications, risks and benefits of every little (and large) decision I was faced with. In the end, he made it happen... I couldn't believe it. He has stayed in contact with us long after the closing, asking about the family and has been there for assistance and advice. I didn't feel like a customer through this. I felt like I was in control of my own destiny with a highly proficient, competent consultant and captain guiding me and leading me through many hurdles and challenges. I also feel like I walked away with a new friend who would always have my back. Wilson Financial, is a sure bet in my eyes and they've earned a loyal, lifetime advocate.



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